My Missions

Main Mission:
Travel to Sandpoint and take note of any shrines, churches or worshipers of Aroden along the way. Also, if I meet any Shoanti, I am to proffer a pledge of peace and to convert them to Iomedae.
Other Missions
1. Discover the motivation behind these goblin attacks and put a stop to it.

* Wednesday 4th, Rova 4707 Ah ha! A new revelation has come to light regarding these goblins. Recently I have come into possession of a letter implicating Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Ameiko’s father, in the goblin attack. I shall have to have a word with this scoundrel!

* Once again, we have further evidence. Lonjiku is dead, and it seems he may not have been behind the goblin attack, afterall. Tsuto Kaijitsu, his son, may be the real culprit here. We found Tsuto in his father’s Glassworks with a band of nasty goblins after they had brutally killed Lonjiku and his employees. After knocking the young upstart senseless, we found Tsuto’s diary, of sorts, upon his person with all manner of incriminating evidence. It looks as if this mystery goes much deeper than I had once thought.

* A few important things can be gleaned from Tsuto’s journal. First of all, he appears to be smitten with the young lady we suspect to be Nualia, daughter of Father Toyban, the previous head of the local Church to Desnia. The church had burned down a number of years ago and the good priest and his daughter were both supposed lost in the blaze. We now suspect the girl survived. Apparently, the young Naulia may be the offspring of a mixed set of parents. Tsuto says that she wants to rid herself of her father’s celestial taint. Does this mean that Father Toyban was of celestial heritage or is she just referring to his spiritual lifestyle? She also says she wants to replace it with her mother’s grace. Could this mean that her mother was a demon? We know that Nualia miscarried a child just before the church burned down. The father remains unknown. Could it be Tsuto? I have my doubts. His father also locked her up (inside the church?) after the miscarriage. Could this have led to her hatred of her father? It also seems that Nualia is trying to go through some sort of transformation. She has apparently unearthed her father’s remains and then burned them in some demonic ritual at a shrine on Thistletop. The ritual apparently turned her arm into some demonic limb! The journal also says that Nualia plans to attempt to sacrafice the entire town of Sandpoint to some evil goddess named Lamashtu.

* Below

* Old smuggler’s tunnels! We found them under the Glassworks.
2. Sheriff Hemlock has asked me and some acquaintances of mine to look after the town while the Sheriff is in Magnimar.

* Thursday 5th, Rova 4707The good sheriff has returned, but I fear he is an most foul mood. He barked at me, saying that things in Sandpoint are worse off than when he left. So it appears I have failed in my quest to look after things while he was away. I must find a means to make amends.
3. Make amends with Vinter, the shopkeeper, for sullying the good name of his daughter.
4. Rescue Ameiko Kaijitsu from the fell clutches of evil.

* We have succeeded! Ameiko was discovered in the basement of the Glassworks, bound and gagged by her horrid brother. We have rescued her and returned her safe and sound to the Rusty Dragon Inn. She has yet to give us a full accounting of her ordeals.
5. There is a town council here. Find out who serves on it. The Mayor, The Sheriff, and ?
6. What is the event known as the Late Unpleasantness? and who is Chopper? Does this have anything to do with the burned down church, the late Father Toyban and his daughter, Nualia?


A quaint village two days travel north along the coast from Magnimar. So far I have met very few of the villagers, but they seem to have taken a liking to my chivlarous ways.
The Glassworks
This large building is located in the southwest side of Sandpoint and apparently does a goodly amount of trade with the locals. Judging by the size and oppulence of this building, I suspect Lonjiku Kaijitsu, the owner, to have connections far and wide. When we investigated the Glassworks while trying to track down Ameiko, we discovered the place to be ransacked by those feral goblin beasts and the owner and workers to have been slain. Lonjiku’s death was truly horrible and he had apparently died by immersion in liquid glass. The Glassworks also has a basement which has been recently compromised by the goblins via a labyrinth of tunnels stretching underneath the town, itself. We are in the process of investigating these tunnels and have found disturbing elements, indeed.


Kendra DeverinShe was a speaker at the Swallowtail Festival and she also happens to be the mayor of Sandpoint. I don’t know much about this woman, yet, but she appears to be the daughter of one of the local nobles.
Sheriff HemlockHe also spoke at the Festival. He is the sheriff in town and he is very hard to track down. He has asked a number of local do-gooders (including myself) to help protect the town in his absence as he travels to Magnimar to request aid with a recent goblin uprising. He appears to be a man of secrets as he either hides or is ashamed of his obvious Shoanti background AND seems to be in a serious relationship with the local madame.
Father ZantusAnother speaker at the Festival. A Deznan priest and holy leader of Sandpoint. It appears his predecessor perished in the fire that destroyed the previous chapel. Zantis’s new church is dedicated to a much broader flock including followers of Dezna, Abada, Sarenere, Shelyn, Gozreh and Erastil (but, curiously, no Iomedae). Zantus appeared briefly after our run in with Tsuto. He helped to heal our wounds and convince the local guards to take Tsuto into custody.
Aldern FoxgloveAn upscale gentleman from Magnimar. During the Festival, Foxglove was cornered by a band of nasty goblins when first we happened upon him. He was so thankful for our timely rescue that he invited us to dinner that night at the Rusty Dragon Inn. The next morning he bought horses for the three other rescuers (I declined his offer as having a trusty steed of my own, already.) He then proceeded to take us upon a lively boar hunt in the nearby forest. I have not seen Foxglove for many days and believe he has returned home to Magnimar.
Ameiko KaijitsuShe is the proprietor of the Rusty Dragon Inn, the establishment I have taken to residing in whilst stationed in Sandpoint. Ameiko has gone missing.
Davrin Hosk Propeitor of the Goblin Squash Stables.
Shalelu Interesting young lass. A local ranger and expert on all things goblin. She met with us the first evening in town at the Rusty Dragon Inn. We werwe able to discover many things from her about the local surrounds and its goblin residents. We have not seen her since, but she seems an able ally and we should, by all means, track her down to speak with her again about our recent discoveries.
Shayliss Vinter A truly corrupted young woman. Daughter to one of the local shopkeeper and wiley strumpet by calling. I must avoid this seductress at all cost and find a way to make amends with her poor distraught father.
Asimutu A bugbear hero of the goblin tribes
Big MugmutLocal terror and hero of the Mosswoods goblin tribe
KorvusHero of the Seventooth tribe – he is rumored to wield a sword with magical properties
VurkaA vile cannibal from the Birdcatchers
RipnuggetGoblin hero from the Thistletops


Swallowtail FestivalI am uncertain of the true meaning of this celebration, but I was asked by my order to attend it, nonetheless.
GoblinsAlso featured at the Festival. Nasty cretins that might at first appear to be the very ugly offspring of two very small humans, but should never be mistaken for such. There is no reasoning with these foul beings as I believe they do not have the mental capacity for reasoning to begin with. It was only after I had discovered their truly despicable nature that a wise ranger informed me of the ten laws of goblinkind: 1) Horsehate 2) Doghate 3)Junkyard love 4) Sing badly 5) Sneaky 6) Voracious 7) Fire love 8) Big heads get stuck in tight spots 9) writinghate and 10) Insane.
The Five TribesFive goblin tribes are known to exist around the town of Sandpoint. A sixth tribe, The Bonegrinders, appears to be extinct and its last cheiftain, Wartist, sits pickled in a large barrel within the Goblin Stomp Stables. The ranger, Shalelu Andosana, told us all about the remaining five tribes:
The Mosswood TribeThe largest. Located in the Mosswoods
The Birdcatcher TribeLocated at Devil’s Platter
The LicktoadsLocated at Bilestomp Moors
The Seventooth TribeLocated in the Shank Woods
The ThistletopsLocated on an island off the Nettlewoods
* Friends Gauwyn Grenefeld, Lin’dorie and a very shadowy young girl who hasnt told us her name yet.


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