Gorgmut the Goblin fought bravely against the party with his loyal and noble companion, Tangletooth, at his side. Sadly, Tangletooth was slain by the party defending his home against the invaders. Gorgmut barely escaped a similar fate. He knew it was only a matter of time before someone from Sandpoint came to Thistletop seeking revenge for the assault on Sandpoint.

After fleeing the scene of the battle, Gogmurt returned briefly to the area and was horrified to see the remains of his loyal companion defiled in such a way, and by a fellow druid no less! After a brief ceremony over brave Tangletooth’s remains, he now wanders the wilderness friendless and alone.

What will become of Gogmurt? Will he return to see justice for the invasion and slaughter of his faithful companion, not to mention the murder of his tribe?


Rapacious Harvest Barakas