Seoni helped the party defeat the initial goblin attack on Sandpoint. Unfortunately she was unable to continue adventuring with the party as she had obligations elsewhere. Perhaps in the future she will return to lend her arcane might to the party.


Despite being a consummate adventurer, Seoni is something of an enigma to her compatriots. Quietly neutral on most matters, bound by codes and mandates that she rarely feels compelled to explain, the sorceress keeps her emotions tightly bottled. Extremely detail-oriented—a trait that has led Merisiel to often call her a “control freak”—Seoni is a careful and meticulous planner, a schemer who frequently finds herself frustrated by the improvised plans of her more impulsive companions. Despite all of this, Seoni has stuck by her comrades through numerous tight spots, a fact that continues to amaze and confuse Valeros, who often wonders loudly (although not altogether unappreciatively) about “the witch and her schemes.”


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