Rapacious Harvest

Rapacious Harvest Adventure Log

Sunday 1st, Rova 4707 First day of Autumn

  • It is my eighth day waiting for a sign from my divine guide, and still the vision has yet to come true, I seek out a Knight searching for a dead god, a sorceress touched by gods, a thief of a questionable past, a noble savage of the Shoanti tribes, and a elf, who’s song is that of arrows.
  • The town is wealthy for its size and many opportunities abound for folks who seek out venture or adventure. Like a moth to flames, such things should bring those I seek across my path.
  • Again the day starts with the festival, with more folks flooding in for the events. Speeches are given, the mayor, the sheriff, the priests. Lunch is served and I have yet to see my vision come to reality.
  • A shriek of panic erupts from the crowd and foul goblins, sing song as they slash at all about and gnash their teeth.
  • My vision appears before my eyes, erupting from the chaos; heroes take to the defense of the helpless to throw back the goblin hoards.
  • The first wave is defeated, the smell of smoke fills the air and the sounds of battle are carried on the ill winds.
  • More goblins appear, torches at the ready, and an inspiring female goblins whips them into a fury. We are able to cut them down, and as a group move further south into the town. Chaos has enveloped the city, and goblins scramble everywhere. We come upon another group of goblins, this time one mounted and having freshly slain a war hound. We cut them down easily, the group able to take pause for a few precious moments.
  • We meet Aldurn Foxglove, a noble of Sandpoint, his war hound having been cut down in his defense. He is staying at the Rusty Dragon and would like to thank us all by having dinner with him.
  • We introduce one another, and our stories are from here on out combined into one tale of adventure.
  • We are able to help the towns folk gather the dead and injured. Making our way to the Rusty Dragon, we stop off at the Goblin Squash in, to stable the horse. The proprietor has a pickled Goblin in a large jar. It is the chief of the Bone Grinders tribe, which is now extinct.
  • We enter the Rusty Dragon, it is packed with folks of Sandpoint. We dine and secure rooms for the night. Talking to the folk within the Rusty Dragon, we are directed to speak with the Sheriff.
  • Aldurn arrives very late in the evening, freshly healed, he produces a pouch with 50gp, a sign of his appreciation. We are invited to attend a boar hunt with him in the Tick woods. Talking further through the night, we agree.
  • The search for the Sheriff is not put off till morning, so we move out into the evening in search of him, starting with the barracks. Arriving at the barracks we discover he is still out on patrol. Not able to find him, we head back to the Rusty Dragon, we get our rooms and sleep.

The Next Day Monday 2nd, Rova 4707

  • We meet Aldurn in the morning, and buys breakfast, he arranges the boar hunt to take place in a couple hours. A guard arrives looking for Hewson, with a message from the Sheriff. We are gathered up and meet the Sheriff.
  • Has been an increase in goblin activity recently, a farm having been razed to the ground. We meet Shelalu, goblin hunter. Five major goblin tribes are in the area, with goblins from all five tribes being in the raid on Sandpoint. All five tribes acting together bodes ill for the area.
  • We are tasked with keeping up a presence within the town to keep morale and stay keen eyed for anything out of the ordinary.
  • Aldurn purchases us light riding horses, in appreciation for our help, and we set out to hunt boar. Two are flushed by the man servants, and brought down by the party. We return home victorious.
  • We meet Shelalu and Aldrun for dinner. We share the boar with the patrons of the Rusty Dragon. Find out everything about goblins.

Next, Next day Tuesday 3rd, Rova 4707

  • Encounter Shales Vendar, a distressed maiden only in need of Hewson’s abilities to secure her father’s establishment.
  • IT’S A TRAP! Her father walks in on Hewson and Shales in a compromising embrace. He is able to leave with his dignity and honor, and not killing anyone.
  • Traveling to the junk pile, we examine the area for goblin sign. Only old tracks are found.
  • We search the outside of town for goblin sign, retreat tracks are found.
  • After a perimeter check of the town, we move about town, asking around and finding out what’s going on.
  • That evening we are approached by a woman, whose son has been bitten by a goblin. Her husband was still inside and we move on to the house.
  • Searching the house, we find the body of the husband partially in the closet, his face having been chewed off. A wild eyed goblin jumps out of the closet calling out “mine, mine”. He is cut down, and we discover a hole into the bottom of the closet. The goblin, having been trapped in here since the raid, finally grew hungry enough to attack and kill.
  • We back the body out of the house, and Father Zantis takes over possession of the body.

Wednesday 4th, Rova 4707

  • Mon. I arrived off de boat in the town of Sandpoint. There be some festival mon that be going on so I thinks it is a good place to be. I been on da boat for many months so it is time to get a job and look for some adventure.
  • I found de job with the Rusty Dragon Inn woman name Ameiko. She hire me to help cook during de festival. I work scullery until she realize I can cook de good foods. She promise me good cook job. Next day is festival and many little green tings called goblins disrupt and spill da food we worked so hard on. Tat make me mad mon.
  • When I go down to de kitchen to start my morning I see now one der. I am only person and de people from de town are coming mon. So I cook dem de eggs and toast until another person come to help me. His name be Hewson. De maid come in and tell us dat Ameiko my boss be missing and der be a note saying for her to meet her brother and father at the glass factory.
  • The glass factory be locked and we no be law breakers so we try to get in. No one let us in until we find dat Ameico’s da has been missing and there be sounds of breaking glass in the factory. We find de open door and go into de factory to look for Ameico. We find smashed glass and stuff and blood all over de floor. This don’t look good mon. Finally we find de room with more of dose goblins and we smoke dem like the weed. Wid them is a human dat we find out is Tsuto de brother of Ameiko. Mon, I got hit so hard dat I had the visions again. Now we wait for de butterfly god and some locals to come clean up dis mess and heal me so we can go down de stairs and find Ameico.
  • We be headed down the hole below de glass works. We travel through many of the tunnels and find de goblin beach.
  • Den we head into de rock hallway dat have a mean beast wit de claws and tings. We kills is good and head to de finished tunnels.
  • Der be a statue with a book with de star and it be holding a ranseur. We take de ranseur because de statue too big.
  • Going down de tunnel we find de shrine of de monster goddess Lamashtu. It have de bad water in it and be all worshipped. De paladin go into de next room and get eated by de clawed tings like the one before. We fight hard and almost die because de quasit ting try to kill us mon. It be flappin and castin and the clawed ones be clawing at us while dey healz. Ameico be locked in de room upstairs and we take her out to de Rusted Dragon.

Thursday 5th, Rova 4707

  • After de breakfast we goes back to the glass place and head back down to find de bad tings. We look around and de butterfly holy man works on de Lamashtu altar while we fight off the zombie hordes dat come down de hallway behind us. Dem zombies need de slash weapons to kill good.
  • Der hallway goes to de prison room with de empty cells. We search. We goes across the wooden walkway, through de tortures room and end up in de room with de ugly goblin trying to kill us. We fight. We kill de ugly goblin and do not fall in holes.
  • We went down de hallway, found broken stairs, and looked in de round room. No bad tings, just loot tings. We take loot. Wand, whoo hoo! Scroll, whoo hoo! We call it a day and head back up to de town.

Sometime in de future mon.

  • We go out to de Thitletop along de beach. Der be lots of dose thick plant tings dat we no push through. We find de goblin sized doors in dem. We fight de dooad gob and some of dem udder gobs in de plants.
  • We cross da der bridge is scary
  • We kill de gobs in de first level and find de horse. We go downstairs and der be a huge complex. I gets hit by de fighter and then buy him as my guard. We find temple with de mean doggies mon and we kill dem.
  • We kill dat der Brooothazimus and capture a Lyree and den go down to de bottom level.
  • Nualia be deaded and we kill dem shadow tings also mon.

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